Texas State Rep. Lon Burnam, a Democrat from Fort Worth, on Thursday filed a bill which seeks to legalize gay marriage in the state.

According to gay weekly the Dallas Voice, Burnam's bill would “remove provisions in the Texas Family Code from 2003 that deny same-sex couples the ability to marry in the state” and “allow Texas to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.”

“Marriage has been the greatest and most rewarding experience of my life,” Burnam said in a statement. “Continuing to deny all Texans the freedom to marry robs them of that experience and is detrimental to their families. Texans want a state where anyone can work hard and provide for their families. Our Texas values mandate defending the right of all Texans to have their rights and responsibilities as couples recognized by the state.”

In a video message, Burnam described his legislation as a Valentine's Day gift to the LGBT community.

Last week, two Democratic representatives filed proposed constitutional amendments seeking to repeal the state's 2005 voter-approved amendment, which declares heterosexual marriage the only union recognized by the state. Another proposal seeks to create civil unions for gay couples.

Repeal of the state's ban is needed before marriage or civil unions could be enacted.

Other states considering repeal include Oregon, Ohio, Colorado and Michigan.