The Wikipedia page of Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter on Thursday listed him as “a bigot” for opposing a proposed gay marriage bill in the state.

As the Senate for the first time considered the marriage bill, McCarter, a Republican, urged colleagues to vote against the measure.

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McCarter said passage of the measure would result in the closure of many businesses in the state.

The bill would “jeopardize freedom rather than expanding it” because it would “take away the rights of many,” he said.

Laughter was heard from people seated in the chamber's gallery when McCarter said that he and his “sweetheart” had celebrated Valentine's Day at a local eatery owned by a male gay couple.

“I don't understand that reaction,” McCarter said.

McCarter stated that the restaurant owner was interested in discussing how to make his business more successful, not marriage rights.

On Thursday, McCarter's Wikipedia page stated that he is “a bigot who opposes SB0010, a bill to allow equal marriage in the state of Illinois.”