Village of Pomeroy, Ohio Mayor Mary McAngus on Saturday resigned her post amid allegations that she called a gay officer “queer” in front of his colleagues.

The charges came to a head on Monday when village council discussed the issue and notified officers and the mayor that they were not to speak to each other, WSAZ NewsChannel 3 reported.

At the meeting, Police Chief Mark Proffitt submitted a six-page statement in which he said McAngus referred to Office Kyle Calendine as “queer” in front of colleagues.

Proffitt claimed that McAngus said, “I don't like a queer working for the village. I might be old-fashioned, but I don't like it.”

“She was even in the hiring process and she seemed fine,” Calendine said. “A few weeks later, she finds out I'm gay and tries to get me fired because she doesn't like who I am outside of work.”

Council is expected to accept McAngus' letter of resignation on Monday.