In American Honor Killings: Rage and Desire Among Men, writer David McConnell examines six gay murder victims and the men who killed them.

“I wanted to stir things up,” McConnell told alternative LA Weekly about the book's title. “I wanted to get people thinking differently about these cases. It's too easy to just classify them as hate crimes and be done with it. Hate is a factor in all of them, but it's much more complex than that.”

“We refuse to believe honor killings happen in America. People think they only occur in the mountains of Afghanistan, among tribes and other primitive people. But the insane impulse behind honor killing is at work right here in America among the minds of many young men.”

The most well known story in the book is the so-called Jenny Jones “secret admirer” murder case.

Appearing on the Jenny Jones talk show in 1995, Jon Schmitz was shocked when he found out his secret admirer was not his former girlfriend but his friend, Scott Amedure. During the taping, Schmitz laughed off the revelation but three days later he showed up at Amedure's house and shot him to death.

“He picked on me on national TV,” Schmitz told police. “He fucked me.”

“Schmitz felt his personal honor needed defending,” said McConnell, who is openly gay.

American Honor Killings is due out in March.