The Christian conservative Thomas More Law Center is urging the Supreme Court to uphold Proposition 8, California's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban.

The high court will hear a case in March challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8.

Thomas More argues in an amicus brief filed last week that overturning the ban would lead to “ideological totalitarianism” and hand gay activists “a legal weapon with which to beat down ideological opponents.”

“To enshrine one side of a deeply divisive issue in constitutionally untouchable concrete is to fashion a legal weapon with which to beat down ideological opponents, at the cost of intellectual liberty,” the organization wrote. “For this Court to say that it is irrational or illegitimate for a government to recognize, and act upon, the distinction between the potentially procreative marital act, and every other sexual act, would be for this Court implicitly to declare as irrational, benighted, or bigoted, all those individuals who adhere to the traditional view of marriage.”

“Opponents of the legal redefinition of marriage already face the prospect of significant retaliation. Equating such persons, as a matter of constitutional law, with racist rednecks or backwards fools, serves as a legal license to continue or increase the legal and social marginalization of such persons. The price is the loss of liberty for those individuals who can no longer obtain gainful employment in their fields … and the loss of intellectual diversity for larger society … This Court should not foster the imposition of what would be, in effect, an ideological totalitarianism, i.e., a regime in which the unquestioning acceptance of the same-sex marriage movement represents the only permissible point of view.” (Citations omitted.)

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