A baker in Oregon is under investigation for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Aaron Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, declined to make a cake for the women on January 17.

“My first question is what's the wedding date,” Klein said of the mother and daughter who showed up at his store. “My next question is bride and groom's name … the girl giggled a little bit and said it's two brides.”

According to King5, Klein explained that he and his wife do not make cakes for gay weddings. The women, disgusted, walked out.

“I believe that marriage is a religious institution ordained by God,” he said. “A man should leave his mother and father and cling to his wife … that to me is the beginning of marriage.”

Gay couples cannot legally marry in Oregon. The state does offer domestic partnerships. Neighboring Washington, however, approved a marriage law last year.

“They can buy my stuff,” Klein said in explaining that he does not hate gays. “I'll sell them stuff … I'll talk to them, it's fine.”

The women are not speaking to the media on the advice of their attorney.

The Oregon Department of Justice is investigating allegations that the Kleins violated a state law which prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation.