An LGBT rights group in Michigan has begun collecting signatures to put the issue of gay marriage on next year's ballot.

According to alternative weekly MLive, Marriage Michigan PAC is working to secure the more than 300,000 signatures needed to put the issue on the ballot. The group also aims to raise $10 million for a campaign to approve the referendum.

The group is led by Chris Surfus, an openly gay man and student at Grand Valley State University.

“We believe that public outrage in Lansing and statewide will allow us not only to get a Democratic governor, but we believe we'll also be able to legalize same-sex marriage,” Surfus said.

In 2004, 57 percent of Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment which limits marriage to heterosexual couples and prevents the state from recognizing unions other than marriage.

“In one single vote we would overturn the 2004 ban and at the same time legalize marriage equality,” Surfus said.

Emily Dievendorf, policy director for Equality Michigan, the state's largest gay rights advocate, criticized the plan, saying 2014 was too early for such an initiative.

“2014 is just too soon for [a ballot proposal],” she said. “Most of the state doesn't even know the rights that LGBT citizens lack. There just wouldn't be the kind of support necessary to pay for such an effort [in 2014].”

Dievendorf said her group was considering a 2016 ballot proposal.