Channel head designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld has shown his support for a proposed gay marriage bill in France by including two brides in a fashion show.

Lagerfeld showed his support by sending two models in bridal gowns accompanied by a young boy down the catwalk of Paris' Grand Palais fashion show on Tuesday. The boy, according to the AP, is a nephew of the designer.

When asked by the AP whether his use of the two brides was a measure of support for the proposed law, the 79-year-old Lagerfeld replied: “Of course it was.”

“I don't even understand the debate,” he continued. “Since 1904 [in France] the church and state have been separate.”

Opposition to the government's plans has come mostly from the Roman Catholic Church, including Pope Benedict XVI, who has called on the French church to fight against France becoming the 12th nation to legalize gay nuptials.

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