CNN anchor Don Lemon was on the ground Monday to get reactions to President Barack Obama's mention of gay rights in his inauguration speech.

Obama included Stonewall, the Greenwich Village bar where gay men and drag queens confronted police, triggering the modern gay rights movement, alongside Seneca Falls and Selma, marking the first time a president has addressed gay rights in an inauguration speech.

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“There are gay people out on the mall who were very proud,” Lemon told viewers from the National Mall. “Some people were surprised in a good way that the president mentioned gay rights in his speech.”

“I thought it was good that it was inclusive like that,” Reggie said. “It's a little bit surprising, but given his history, the Obama administration's history with the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and also his evolution of gay marriage, it's really not surprising.”

Greg added: “I was surprised that he mentioned Stonewall because it's not something that you're used to hearing when they discuss about civil rights, especially from a president, so that really struck me when he said that.”

“It makes me feel good to be an American right now and think that things are going to be better in the future,” he added.

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