Glee co-star Jane Lynch has applauded Jodie Foster's Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

Foster has been criticized for giving a vague and rambling speech in which she repeatedly used the phrase “coming out” and described her former partner as her “ex-partner in love” but didn't actually say she is gay.

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But Lynch, who is openly gay and is raising a daughter with her wife, described the speech as “moving.”

“It was really moving and touching,” Lynch told TV Guide. “I loved that she shared a little bit about her inner life with us, and what she said about her mother [who suffers from dementia] broke my heart. I like the fact that she operates without telling everybody what she's doing. It was a big moment that she let us into her private thoughts, and I'm really grateful I was there for it.”

Actor George Takei also came to Foster's defense, saying we shouldn't judge Foster.