Catholic groups in Colorado are threatening to shut down their adoption services over a proposed bill which seeks to recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.

According to Catholic News Agency, changes in the proposed bill from last year's failed version worry Jennifer Kraska, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference.

Kraska said the new version no longer excludes child placement agencies.

“We feel it would be a very sad commentary if Colorado forced religious institutions or those who believe in a different framework to do something against their conscience,” said Mark Rohlena, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado.

Rohlena said his organization “probably would cease the operation of our adoption programs” if told it could not discriminate against gay couples in civil unions.

“That risk is always there,” Rohlena added, despite the fact that his group does not receive state funds to “any significant degree.”

The Colorado Catholic Conference will stage a protest rally against passage of the civil unions bill at the State Capitol in Denver on January 25.