Anderson Cooper says he dated girls in his early teens because he was “hoping to meet their brothers.”

On his daytime talk show, Anderson Live, Cooper, who came out gay last year, told his guests and audience about his accidental dates with girls.

Cooper explained that he has had some experiences in areas “other than guys.”

“I don't have very much experience but the few times that I would go on a date with a girl, like when I was … 12, I found it, like, there was a lot sharing and a lot of talking and a lot of asking how I am,” Cooper, also a CNN anchor, said.

“But some of my best friends right now are girls who I, you know, who allegedly dated me when we were 13 and 14 and who I didn't really know we were dating but they thought we were dating and I was sort of, you know, hoping to meet their brothers.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)