In a full-page ad released this week, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) attacks proposed gay marriage legislation in Rhode Island.

Under the headline “The Big Lie,” the group wrote: “Once again politicians with a special interest agenda are pushing House Bill 5015 to impose same-sex 'marriage,' claiming they'll protect religious liberty even while fundamentally redefining our most important social institution. But experience elsewhere shows that's not true – people of faith will pay the price.”

“Religious groups like Knights of Columbus have been forced to allow same-sex ceremonies in their facilities, against their beliefs. Small businesses have been sued. Individuals have been fired and suspended from their jobs for supporting true one man/one woman marriage. Pastors and priests have been punished for publicly pronouncing their faith.”

“When marriage is changed, it's often taught to young children in school. Second graders forced to read books about men marrying other men, showing them kissing. Courts have ruled that parents have no right to even be notified of this instruction.”

“It's a big lie to claim that same-sex marriage won't affect everyone,” NOM added.

Ray Sullivan, campaign director for Rhode Islanders United for Marriage, the group lobbying for passage of the law, said NOM is “employing the well-worn tactics of those opposed to equality: fear mongering.”

In a post titled Fact Check: NOM's Latest Ad Is Filled With Lies, the group rejects all of NOM's claims, including the notion that such legislation leads to children being “forced to read books about men marrying men.”

“Minnesota Public Radio has called this claim misleading: 'There's no evidence that same-sex marriage is taught throughout Massachusetts, and the state doesn't require such curriculum.' The claim was also previously debunked by PolitiFact Rhode Island, which rated it 'false.'”