A San Francisco official is expected to introduce legislation seeking to rename the city's airport after gay rights leader Harvey Milk.

Supervisor David Campos is sponsoring the charter amendment, according to the AP. If approved, voters in November would have final approval on whether to create Harvey Milk – San Francisco International Airport.

Milk was the first openly gay elected official to a major U.S. City. He was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 on a pledge to back gay and lesbian rights. The following year, Milk was killed by Dan White, a former supervisor.

“For young gay people in an illegal place looking up at a monitor and being able to point to this international airport named after an LGBT advocate, it gives them the green light to authenticity,” said Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk's nephew.

The plan has the approval of Equality California, which said in an email to supporters that renaming the airport for Milk would be “an international symbol of hope and freedom, and an enormous educational opportunity.”

“This is a chance to lead the world and effect positive change on a global scale,” the group said.

Campos told the AP that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors could vote on his proposal in as little as two weeks.

California named May 22, Milk's birthday, in memory of the slain gay rights leader.