In opposing a proposed gay marriage law in Rhode Island, the state chapter of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) suggests it's all for civil unions.

NOM, however, vigorously opposed passage of the law in 2011, calling such unions a “threat.”

“This is a disappointing and dangerous day for marriage in Rhode Island,” Chris Plante, executive director of NOM – Rhode Island, said after legislative approval. “The passage of Civil Unions presents a clear threat to the definition of marriage and the religious liberties of tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders.”

Plante trumpets civil unions in a recent ad calling on members to oppose the proposed marriage law.

“Rhode Island, now is the time to take action,” Plante says in the 60-second video. “Once again some politicians want to redefine marriage with House bill 5015. Why? It can't be about right or benefits because the state has already provided gay couples all the same rights as married couples. Rhode Island civil union law provides recognition, respect and rights.”

Jeremy Hooper of decried Plante's position.

“This is galling,” Hooper wrote in an HRC blog post. “This organization … did everything it could to deny loving same-sex couples of the limited rights afforded by civil unions. Now, to stop the deserved rights afforded by full marriage equality, they are playing a political game of pretend. Outrageous!”