Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for the second year in a row mentioned civil unions in his State of the State address.

“As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few mountains we ought to climb together before this session ends in May,” Hickenlooper told colleagues on Thursday. “Some of us tried very hard, but it didn't get done last year. This year, let's do it. Let's pass civil unions!”

Hickenlooper also endorsed civil unions during last year's address.

“It's time to pass civil unions,” he told lawmakers. “As we strive to make Colorado healthier, we believe in equal rights for all regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. We don't believe we should legislate what happens inside a church or place of worship, but government should treat all people equally.”

State Senator Pat Steadman earlier this week introduced his civil unions bill for a third time. In previous sessions, Republicans who controlled the House blocked the proposals from reaching the House floor. Rather than allowing a vote on the bill last year, Republicans shut down voting altogether, killing nearly two dozen unrelated measures.

Democrats regained control of the House in November and elected Mark Ferrandino, an openly gay man who sponsored the bill in the House last year, as House speaker, nearly assuring passage in the chamber.