A 72-year-old man from Hunan province has become a celebrity in China modeling women's clothes.

Liu Qianping's cross-dressing antics have taken the nation by storm.

The retired rice farmer in November agreed to model the clothes for his granddaughter's online clothing store, Yecoo. He's now one of China's hottest fashion models.

“This one time she got in a big shipment of clothes,” Qianping told The Wall Street Journal. “I pulled a few pieces out, thought they looked good and threw them on. After I threw them on, she said: 'That's great, they look really good.' So then, she took my picture.”

“The day after we posted them, netizens started spreading the pictures like crazy,” said Ou Linfang, co-founder of Yecoo. “After that, TV stations and media from everywhere asked for interviews.”

Qianping said he gets to choose his own outfits.

“I choose my own outfits,” he said. “They have to be colorful and look good. I like deeper, brighter colors better. That's what I wear.” (A video report is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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