The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will protest the start of a gay marriage law in Maryland.

The group plans to protest outside courthouses in Annapolis and Baltimore on Wednesday, the first business day since the state's gay marriage law took effect on January 1.

“Westboro Baptist Church declares forensic, never-ending war against same-sex marriage – in the cause of God and truth in the earth. The message we carry is this: 'God Hates Fags and Same-Sex Marriage, and God Dooms America and all other Guilty Sodomite Nations,” the anti-gay group said in announcing its plans.

Maryland's marriage law was the third and last to take effect after winning voter approval in November. Couples began marrying in Washington state on December 9 and in Maine on Saturday.

In anticipation of the law's start, Maryland began issuing licenses to gay couples on December 6, though none became effective until the new year, which could lead to large numbers of couples marrying on Wednesday.

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