David E. Smith, the executive director of the Christian conservative Illinois Family Institute, has repeated the group's assertion that there “are no gay marriages.”

The IFI is among the at least nine organizations forming the Coalition to Protect Children and Marriage, the nascent coalition formed to lobby lawmakers against making Illinois the 10th state to legalize marriage equality.

Speaking with NBC Chicago, Smith denied the existence of married gay couples.

“No one's going around trying to redefine triangles as round,” he said. “There are no round triangles. There are no gay marriages. There's going to have to be a distinction between marriages that are gay marriages, or genderless, you might say, and those that are actually man and woman who produce children: procreative.”

Laurie Higgins, the group's cultural analyst, made a similar claim in a recent article titled Marriage Is Not A Civil Right.

“Although marriage licenses are being issued by some state governments to homosexual couples, there are in reality no homosexual marriages – never were, are not now, never will be,” she wrote.

Illinois lawmakers are expected to debate issue next month.

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