The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has launched lobbying efforts in Illinois and Minnesota to defeat proposed bills which would legalize gay marriage in both states.

Illinois, which recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil unions, is expected to take up the issue next month during the General Assembly's lame-duck session.

Democrats in Minnesota plan to introduce a marriage equality bill on the first day the Legislature convenes: Tuesday, January 8.

In separate blog posts, NOM President Brian Brown called on supporters to contact lawmakers and voice their opposition.

“The broken promises from Springfield keep stacking up,” Brown wrote. “It's only been 2 years since activists passed a civil union law, claiming it would provide much-needed equal rights for same-sex couples … now many of these same groups are claiming the very law they helped pass is discriminatory and demeaning to same-sex couples.”

Brown skewed the results of a referendum rejecting an amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples as a vote to “maintain the status quo on marriage.”

“Now gay marriage activists are trying to force a whole new battle on the state,” he wrote.

In a pre-written email for supporters to contact lawmakers, NOM denies there is anything discriminatory about excluding gay couples from marriage.

“For millennia, marriage has been recognized as the union of a husband and wife – across all religious, cultural and geographical lines – connecting children with both their mom and their dad. Marriage is rooted in a biological reality, not in bigotry or discrimination.”