Against Me!'s transgender singer-guitarist Laura Jane Grace says she's encouraged by the number of transgender fans who stick around after shows to talk to her.

Grace came out transgender earlier this year in an interview with Rolling Stone.

In an interview with MTV's House of Style, Grace said she's been “overwhelmed by the amount of support my wife gave me. It's awesome.”

“Every trans girl has a unique story,” she said. “One of my first vivid memories of like associating with a female was seeing Madonna and just being like 'that's me.' I guess I kind of made the decision to transition starting like two or three years ago but it was something that really look a lot of building up to put into motion. There's so many moment in life where you feel guilt and you feel shame and all that but you get to the point where you realize things aren't going to change. So I just thought the best thing to do as a parent, also as an artist, is to try and embrace the truth that you feel inside of yourself.”

“After you come out and after you start talking about it, you feel stupid for how long you haven't dealt with the issue, because people have been so overwhelmingly supportive. The amount of trans girls or trans guys that come out to our shows now and always stick around to say like hi afterward. It's encouraging.”

(Watch the entire segment at MTV.)