Chris Colfer, who plays gay student Kurt Hummel on Fox's musical comedy Glee, believes he's a role model to more than just gay kids.

The 22-year-old Colfer told UK's Gay Times that a majority of his fans are not gay.

“I would say my demographic, my fan-base, is 10% gay kids, and the rest is just normal kids who feel like they don't fit in,” Colfer said. “I feel like Kurt, even though he is gay, I feel like his story was universal; any kid going through that struggle for acceptance in a place that does not accept them, fell in love with him. I feel like I am a role model to a lot more than just one demographic.”

On the current portrayal of gay people on television, Colfer said: “Of course I have many opinions about it, but I try to focus on the fact that at least there are gay people on TV. Ten years ago, 15 years ago, there were none. There was the Ellen (DeGeneres) show and then Will & Grace and that was it. I am sure now there are valid complaints about characters, but at least there is a presence. That's all I care about.”