President Barack Obama, Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, Chris Kluwe and Honey Boo Boo are among the celebrities who supported gay rights in 2012.

GLAAD's list of Ten Famous Allies Who Came Out For Equality in 2012 also includes Brendon Ayanbadejo, Bruce Springsteen, First Lady Michelle Obama, Josh Hutcherson and Vice President Joe Biden.

“Our straight allies can be some of the most effective and powerful voices in the LGBT movement,” GLAAD wrote in a blog post announcing its list. “Particularly for those in the public eye, allies can lead by example to help others understand that the LGBT community is just as deserving of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect. And in 2012, quite a few famous faces came out as allies of the LGBT community to tremendous effect.”

“If there's one person whose voice did the most to further equality this year, it was undoubtedly President Barack Obama,” GLAAD added.

In May, just days after North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples, Obama became the first sitting president to endorse marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

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