What happens to a straight man when he musters-up the courage to come out of the closet in a town called Gaytown?

Such is the dilemma of Owen Benjamin, a straight man who resolves himself to turn his straight sexual misfortune into a positive in a town where gay is in and straight is out.

Gaytown is part of a 13 week series of original comedy shorts created especially for the Internet and mobile media. The ad supported channel is called C-Spot and is being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. The new channel is available on Crackle.com (www.crackle.com/cspot), YouTube (www.youtube.com/cspot), AOL Video (www.video.aol.com), Hulu (www.hulu.com), Verizon Wireless' V Cast video service, and direct to Sony Bravia TVs via Bravia Internet Video Link.

Gaytown is a funny look at what would happen if gay was the norm. Owen's weekly series follows him as he breaks-up with his fake boyfriend Pierce (Payman Benz), approaches the woman he secretly loves, Lina (Lina Miller), and even comes out to his father, the rhinestone king of Gaytown.

Owen Benjamin, who created, wrote and executive produces Gaytown, is a top MySpace comedian. He also appears in the upcoming feature film The House Bunny opposite Anna Farris and Colin Hanks.

Gaytown appears on C-Spot, a new episode premiering each Wednesday.

As if Gaytown wasn't counter-culture enough, along comes the gay rap opera BASH'd!

BASH'd, which has had a recent run of hot press after winning the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding New York Theater -Off-Off Broadway, is the work of Canadians Chris Craddock & Nathan Cuckow.

BASH'd is nasty, in-your-face, high-energy rap, as rap is, but carries a serious message. On its MySpace page, the pair open with, “If we yell FAGGOT and you think it's whack, well f**k that, it's our word and we're taking it back!”

The opera tells the story of a pair of lovers.  When one is bashed the other decides to take revenge. It is loosely based on the real-life spike of gay related hate crimes occurring during Canada's national debate to legalize same-sex marriage.

The official BASH'd website says, “[BASH'd] is told entirely through rap, spoken word and poetry, turning the often homophobic musical genre to our own purpose.”

BASH'd begins a three-month Off-Broadway run in June. Theater yet to be determined.

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