Renato Seabra, the convicted killer of Portuguese gay journalist Carlos Castro, was sentenced on Friday.

Seabra, a 23-year-old former fashion model, was sentenced to serve 25 years to life in prison for second-degree murder, The New York Times reported.

“On that day, I don't know what took me over,” he said in Portuguese. “I did not understand the manner and how things happened, and I could not understand why.”

Seabra reportedly confessed to officials that he killed Castro in a fit of rage on January 7, 2011 in the Inter-Continental New York Times Square Hotel room that the pair shared. He bludgeoned to death and castrated with a wine corkscrew the 65-year-old Castro as the men vacationed over the New York holiday.

While Seabra's mother has said her son is not gay, the prosecutor, Maxine Rosenthal, argued that the murder was the result of Castro breaking off the relationship.

“The defendant killed Carlos Castro when Carlos told him the relationship was over,” she said.

Seabra earned fame on the Portuguese reality talent contest A Procura Do Sonho, or Pursuit of a Dream. He didn't win the contest but was signed to a modeling contract.

Castro had written articles and books about fashion and was a vocal gay rights advocate.