Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver is predicting a civil war if the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage advocates.

The nation's highest court has agreed to hear two cases related to marriage equality. Arguments are set for March and rulings are expected in June.

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Speaking to Janet Parshall, Staver, whose group is heading a legal challenge to California's first-in-the-nation 'ex-gay' ban, said such a ruling would be “devastating to our religious freedom.”

“Basically marriage will be completely destroyed, families will be destroyed, children will be hurt by this and freedom of speech and freedom of religion, including in the pulpit itself, will absolutely be bulldozed over,” Staver said. “This would open a floodgate of unimaginable proportions. That's why with those kinds of consequences to have five of the nine justices ultimately have this kind of power in their hands, that's not how this court and this country was established, to have five individuals to be able to have that kind of catastrophic, social reengineering power in their hands, that's just not something that was envisioned by the founders.”

“This is the thing that revolutions literally are made of. This would be more devastating to our freedom, to our religious freedom, to the rights of pastors and their duty to be able to speak and to Christians around the country, than anything that the revolutionaries during the American Revolution even dreamed of facing. This would be the thing that revolutions are made of. This could split the country right in two. This could cause another civil war. I'm not talking about just people protesting in the streets, this could be that level because what would ultimately happen is a direct collision would immediately happen with pastors, with churches, with Christians, with Christian ministries, with other businesses. It would be an avalanche that would go across the country.”