Support for gay marriage has increased 5 points in Florida in about 7 months.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, 43 percent of voters support the legalization of marriage equality, and 45 percent remain opposed.

While still below even a plurality, support has increased 5 percentage points since a May 23 Quinnipiac University poll.

Men are opposed by a 48-40 percent margin, while 45 percent of women support such unions. Forty-three percent of women are opposed.

Among Catholics, a plurality (47%) support marriage equality, with 40 percent opposed. But Protestants are strongly opposed by a 63-28 percent margin.

A large majority of voters under 29 (66%) support it. Only 23 percent of young voters are opposed.

A Washington Post survey released in October found higher support among Floridians. The Post poll found 54 percent of Florida voters support gay nuptials, while 33 percent remain opposed.

Nationwide, a Gallup survey released last week reported a majority (53%) of Americans support such unions.

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