James Franco's film which recreates deleted gay sex scenes from the 1980 film Cruising will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month.

Franco produced Interior. Leather Bar with director Travis Matthews.

The psychological thriller Cruising was directed by William Friedkin and stars Al Pacino as a NYPD officer working undercover in the gay leather scene to catch a serial killer.

To avoid an X rating, Friedkin deleted 40 minutes of footage from the original film.

In the 2005 book The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema, Friedkin is quoted as saying that those 40 minutes of footage consisted of “absolutely graphic sexuality … that material showed the most graphic homosexuality with Pacino watching, and with the intimation that he may have been participating.”

Franco's film is a supposed recreation of the deleted footage, which has since been lost.

Franco stars as himself opposite Val Lauren (Help, True Love). Matthews, the director of the gay art film I Want Your Love, which includes graphic sex, told gay glossy The Advocate that Franco “interprets” Al Pacino's character in the film.

A trailer for the film released this week suggests that the film borders on pornography but leaves open the question of storyline. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)