Rhode Island Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed has said she anticipates a Senate committee vote on a gay marriage bill in the upcoming legislative session.

According to the AP, Weed has not changed her opposition to marriage equality but believes the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the issue.

Lawmakers adjourned this year without taking action on several bills related to marriage equality.

House Speaker Gordon Fox, a Providence Democrat who is openly gay, said the issue was “one of the main reasons I'm coming back. There's unfinished business.”

Fox came under heavy criticism from gay marriage advocates for abandoning efforts last year to approve a marriage equality bill in favor of civil unions. Fox explained at the time that the marriage bill was doomed in the Senate because Weed and other top Democrats in the chamber remained opposed.

“My position has not changed,” Weed told the AP this week. “I do anticipate a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

Rhode Island is the only New England state where gay couples may not marry. However, under an executive order signed by Governor Lincoln Chafee, the state recognizes the marriages of gay and lesbian couples performed elsewhere.