While Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's anti-gay rhetoric makes headlines, his son is actively working against equality.

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According to The Los Angeles Times, Reverend Paul Scalia, a Roman Catholic priest in Arlington, Virginia, has worked with the Courage ministry, which promotes “chastity” for gay Catholics.

Scalia warned against the labeling of high school students as “gay” or “homosexual” in a 2005 article in the magazine First Things.

The phrases identify an “individual person with his homosexual inclinations. … At some point adults have to admit that a fifteen-year-old who claims to be 'a questioning transgendered bisexual' is really just confused.”

“Granted, the more accurate phrases do not trip easily off the tongue. But what is lost in efficiency is gained in precision. Terms such as 'same-sex attractions' and 'homosexual inclinations' express what a person experiences without identifying the person with those attractions. They both acknowledge the attractions and preserve the freedom and dignity of the person. With that essential distinction made, parents can better oppose the attractions without rejecting the child. And as the child matures, he will not find his identity confined to his sexuality.”

“Further, opposition to homosexual attractions and actions makes sense only when it is rooted in the full truth of human sexuality. Gay school groups gain approval and support partly because heterosexual unchastity (contraception, masturbation, premarital sex, adultery, and all the rest) has compromised so many. Our culture's deliberate separation of sex from procreation has destroyed our ability to articulate a coherent explanation of sexual ethics. Parents and educators have damaged the tools that would allow them to explain why homosexual activity is wrong.”