Matt Damon believes Liberace and Scott Thorson were deeply in love.

Damon plays Thorson opposite Michael Douglas as Liberace in the upcoming biopic Behind the Candelabra.

Speaking to Playboy, Damon said the men were in a marriage “long before there was gay marriage.”

“These two men were deeply in love and in a real relationship – a marriage – long before there was gay marriage. That's not an insignificant thing. The script is beautiful and relatable. Their conversations when they're dressing or undressing or having a spat or getting ready for bed? That's every marriage. It feels like you're witnessing something really intimate you would normally see with a man and a woman, but instead it's two men, which was thrilling.”

Damon added that he “did a lot of” nudity in the film and complimented Douglas on his kissing.

“Michael was a wonderful kisser. My concerns ended up mattering a lot less once we were filming. The dynamic between the men was complex and interesting. Liberace was very powerful and adored, a great showman making $50,000 a week doing his act in Vegas. Scott was much younger and grew up in foster homes, so there was a lot to play,” Damon said.