Chief sponsors of a gay marriage bill in Illinois say they'll push for a vote next month during the General Assembly's lame-duck session.

“We think we can get this done in January,” state Senator Heather Steans, a Democrat from Chicago, told Chicago Business.

Rep. Greg Harris, along with two other openly gay representatives, Deb Mell and Kelly Cassidy, introduced the marriage bill in February. Harris was also the primary sponsor of Illinois' civil unions law.

Harris has previously said he would only consider pushing the legislation when he has the votes. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, Harris downplayed the likelihood of a vote in January.

“The timing is right for us to push this,” Harris said on Thursday.

“Folks are seeing what's going on around the country,” he added, a reference to voters in four states affirming such unions on Election Day.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has reportedly already begun calling on lawmakers to urge a yes vote.