Opponents of gay marriage in Ohio have started organizing to defend the state's ban.

Marriage equality supporters earlier this year began an effort to repeal Ohio's 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples. The group Freedom to Marry Ohio is collecting signatures to put the question on next year's ballot.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the Cincinnati-based group which led the 2004 campaign in favor of the ban, Citizens for Community Values (CCV), has started soliciting donations to defend the amendment.

“As the military prepares for war, so must we!” Phil Burress, head of CCV, said in an email to supporters.

“[T]he homosexual activists have begun a petition campaign to repeal the Ohio 2004 Marriage Amendment that defines marriage between one man and one woman and replace it with verbiage to legalize same-sex marriage in Ohio,” he said. Burress added that if successful “homosexuality and same-sex marriage” would be taught in the public schools “beginning in the first grade,” and that it would permit “people to be fired from their jobs for expressing religious objections to same-sex marriage … and churches and religious people who don't believe in same-sex marriage to be demonized, harassed and threatened.”