Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has called the tactic of accusing gay marriage foes of being bigots “disgraceful.”

“We are living in a country that is rapidly changing,” O'Reilly said in final thoughts on Monday's The O'Reilly Factor. “Rules of civility are pretty much finished. While America has always embraced robust debate, now there are elements on both the Left and the Right which are using disgraceful tactics to demean those with whom they disagree.”

“The Supreme Court is now going to hear the gay marriage issue. Some of those who support expanding the definition of marriage are accusing those who oppose it of being human rights violators, bigots, homophobes. So if you hold the belief that traditional marriage should hold a special place in society, you're a hater, according to the haters,” O'Reilly said.

“That kind of tactic should be condemned by all Americans,” he added.

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