The Merck Foundation has announced it will no longer fund the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) over its ban on gay scouts and leaders.

“The Merck Foundation has decided to suspend funding to the BSA,” Brian Grill of the Merck Foundation said in a letter to Scouts for Equality. “The decision to suspend support applies to direct funding from the Merck Foundation, the matching of gifts from Merck employees, and paid time off for volunteering.”

The BSA reiterated its ban in July.

“[W]e cannot continue to provide support to an organization with a policy that is contrary to one of the our core beliefs. We remain ready and willing to re-consider our funding position in the event that the BSA were to revise its policy.”

Merck joins other BSA sponsors, including the Intel Foundation and the UPS Foundation, in deciding to only support organizations which do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said of the announcement: “These companies are helping to bring change to the Boy Scouts of America by speaking out against the discriminatory policy and in support of the young people who are harmed by it. The Boy Scouts of America should take the health of their organization into account and focus making scouting open to all, rather than working to keep an outdated and unpopular ban in place.”