Singer Adam Lambert covers the “obsession” issue of UK fashion glossy Fiasco.

The magazine will hit newsstands December 11 with 5 covers.  Pictured on one is out British actor Sir Ian McKellen.

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In the issue, the 30-year-old Lambert calls his performances with Queen “surreal.”

“Those shows I did with Queen were pretty surreal,” he's quoted as saying in the magazine by “I was really excited and super flattered but intimidated at the same time. How do you live up to someone like Freddie Mercury? There was no way I could ever compete with him. I had to let that go and create an experience of paying tribute.”

He added that most people would label his look “gay” but believes most gay men don't appreciate his style.

“For the general audience they look at the way I style myself and they go 'errrr, that's gay,' but you ask a handful of gay guys and they're like 'I would never wear that'!” he said.