Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says he would sign a gay marriage law but questions whether lawmakers are ready for such a debate.

Voters in Minnesota last month rejected a proposed constitutional amendment which would have defined marriage as a heterosexual union, handing marriage equality foes their first such loss.

In an appearance on Minnesota Public Radio, Dayton said he was confident the state was headed towards legalizing gay nuptials.

When asked if he would sign such a bill into law, Dayton answered: “Well, I'd have to see the actual bill and the language, but I would sign it. I'm not sure the Legislature's ready to take it on, right now. You know, there's a real difference between people voting not to put something into the constitution because they believe it's wrong and also because it's just bad policy.”

“I hope we're going to get to that point. The younger generation is broadly accepting of that change and we'll get there. It's just a question of when,” he added.