LogoTV.com will launch the web series Vicky & Lysander on December 19 at 3PM.

Once a power couple, Vicky (played by Shannon Walker) and Lysander (Damon Cardasis) have fallen off the New York social ladder and Lysander decides to set their sights a little lower.

The 10-episode series follows on the heels of Logo's highly successful run of Hunting Season.

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“Our first original web series, Hunting Season, performed incredibly well, so we're thrilled to continue that tradition with a completely different kind of program from this talented group of writers and performers,” said Charles Runnette, online editorial director for Logo. “Logo's always looking for ways to bring compelling entertainment to our audience, and web series like Vicky & Lysander are the perfect way to do it.”

Lysander comes from old Southern money and is known for his incredible DJ-ing skills (off his iPod shuffle), while Vicky, born into old Houston oil money, was a shoo-in for New York society.

Yet as the outrageous couple is in the process of planning a gala for Artists Against Inhumanity, they learn that they have not been invited to the Met Ball this year, prompting Lysander to declare he's trading in uptown for downtown. (A trailer for the series is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)