A French court has ordered British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to pay $250,000 in damages to Didier Jambart, who claims the manufacturer's Requip, also known as Ropinirole, turned him into a gay sex and gambling addict.

Jambart, a 52-year-old married father of two, began taking the drug in 2003 to treat his Parkinson's symptoms. While taking the drug, Jambart claims he developed wild urges for online gambling and anonymous sexual encounters with men.

“It's a great day,” Jambart is quoted as saying by the AFP. “It's been a seven-year battle with our limited means for recognition of the fact that GSK lied to us and shattered our lives.”

Jambart said he became suicidal after he gambled this family's life savings, and tried to kill himself eight times. He also began cross-dressing. He said he was raped during an illicit encounter he had arranged.

A 2010 study published in the Archives of Neurology concluded that Requip can trigger impulse control disorders in about 17% of people who take the drug. In 2006, GSK added a warning label to the drug's packaging, a year after Jambart stopped taking the drug.