Ellen DeGeneres starring in a JCPenney Christmas ad has piqued Christian group One Million Moms.

In the television commercial, DeGeneres negotiates for extra toys from three elves. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In an email to supporters, One Million Moms, which is closely associated with the Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA), complained about JCPenney's continued use of DeGeneres as the company's spokesperson. The group has previously objected to the use of DeGeneres because the comedian is openly gay.

“Since April, JC Penney's has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now,” the group said. “A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets. We have contacted JC Penney's several times in the past with our concerns, and they will not listen. They have decided to ignore our complaints so we will avoid them at all costs.”

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