West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang has called Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban, a “travesty.”

Prang and other city officials are among those waiting on word from the Supreme Court on the fate of the 2008 voter-approved amendment.

“I would not think the average American can appreciate the stress, the uncertainty and the unfairness of having your personal liberties juggled about by the courts and by the voters,” Prang told The Los Angeles Times.

Proponents have been anxiously awaiting the high court's decision on whether it will hear an appeal in the case. If the justices refuse to take the case, a lower court's ruling which found the amendment unconstitutional would stand, and the weddings of gay and lesbian couples in California could resume.

Prang, who married before Prop 8 took effect, said, “We were lucky.”

“We had a window, and we got in, and it's not fair. Proposition 8 was a travesty. … We want everyone to have the same opportunities.”

City officials have scheduled to hold a news conference to discuss the decision at 10AM.