Comedian Wanda Sykes says Al Roker, the Today weather anchor, is her gay tester.

Appearing on NBC's The Tonight Show, Sykes told host Jay Leno that she periodically turns to Roker to test whether she is still gay.

When Leno suggested that perhaps she picked up a cold from Roker, Sykes responded: “Al and I, we get busy sometimes. Don't sleep on Al. Al be putting it down.”

“Every now and then you just got to test it, make sure, you know. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gay.'”

“So what you're saying … so Al was your …,” Leno started.

“That's my tester,” Sykes joked.

“So, you were straight up until Al came along and then ...”

“No, I just go back every now and just let Al test it out to make sure. I go, 'Yeah, Al, I'm still gay, and all.'”

Sykes also joked that she had yet to receive her “Obama gifts.”

“I feel slighted. Ever since the election I've been looking out my window, waiting for the UPS man to show up. Nothing. Am I not black enough? Come on. I feel cheated”

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