The gossip is flying over which Gossip Girl guy is coming out when the show returns April 21st on the CW. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello (Ausiello Report) is reporting that the show's producers are planning a male gay character, but refused to out him.

Several possibilities include Dan, whose character was bi-sexual in the original novels. Erik, Serena's brother, is another candidate. Erik recently suffered a breakdown, a gay plot-line would explain many unanswered questions.

Connor Paolo, who plays Erik, is best known for his portrayal of the young Alexander in Oliver Stone's Alexander, however his acting career began at age 9 on ABC's All My Children.

Gossip Girl returns to the CW on April 21st.

VH1 and Sundance will broadcast a new Perry Films documentary on sex in America. Sex: The Revolution is a four part documentary series that tells the story of the sexual revolution. In the third installment of the series, producers give heavy weight to the gay sexual revolution of the 70's.

Starting in the 50's when America was sexually frigid, Sex: The Revolution looks at the events, politics, and personalities that shaped the sexual revolution.

In episode three, Do Your Thing, the series explores the awakening of gay culture and sexual liberation in the 70's – queens resist at the Stonewall Inn, Bette Midler at the Continental Baths, and the election of Harvey Milk. Gay culture is out, then Anita Bryant breaks up the party.

Tainted Love, episode four, is a somber look at the early years of AIDS in the 80's. The decade claims AIDS victims at a frenzied rate, ostracizing thousands, setting back the gay rights movement and sexual liberation.

Sex: The Revolution premiers on VH1 May 12th – 15th. Sex is to be broadcast on Sundance May 19th.

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