Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will endorse gay marriage, sources close to the former first lady have said.

According to, Clinton will join her husband, President Bill Clinton, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton, in endorsing marriage equality after she leaves the Obama administration.

Her circle has “indicated privately that she feels like … because of her role as the country's chief diplomat that it was appropriate for her to stay out of this,” one source said, adding that “she will end up with the rest of the clan.”

POLITICO notes that Clinton “remains the biggest-name Democratic 2016 presidential hopeful who has yet to take a position in support of gay marriage.”

“I really expect that we will hear from her explicitly when she's left the State Department,” said Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry. “It would be surprising if she didn't support the Freedom to Marry and thought she would get away with saying that.”

Clinton, who has strongly spoken out in favor of LGBT rights and cheered passage of marriage equality in New York, last weighed in on the issue in a profile for gay glossy The Advocate last year.

When asked if she agrees with her husband on the issue, Clinton responded: “Well, I share his experience because we obviously share a lot of the same friends, but I have not changed my position,” she said.