Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts gave $75,000 to a pro-gay marriage campaign in Maryland.

The Washington Post reported that MGM Resorts contributed toward the successful effort to uphold a marriage equality law approved by Maryland lawmakers.

Disclosure reports show that Marylanders for Marriage Equality reported raising a total of $5.2 million for the campaign leading up to the November 6 election. Maryland Marriage Alliance, which opposes the law, said it raised less than half that amount, about $2.4 million.

MGM Resorts, which is hoping to build a casino at National Harbor in Prince George's County, said its “modest” contribution, offered in the final weeks of the campaign, was a sign of its continued support for gay rights.

“MGM Resorts celebrates diversity in all aspects of its business and is a longtime supporter of workplace equality,” the company said in a statement released Wednesday.

Both campaigns raised about $700,000 each in the final two weeks of the campaign. The bulk of the money raised in the final weeks by the Maryland Marriage Alliance came from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which gave $400,00, and the Knights of Columbus, which contributed $100,000.

NOM gave opponents a total of $1.2 million.

Roman Catholic dioceses also contributed, including $25,000 from Newark, $10,000 from Wheeling and $5,000 from Arlington.