Singer Christina Aguilera has thanked her gay fans for their longtime support.

The 31-year-old Aguilera's hit single Beautiful is considered one of the most empowering LGBT songs of all time. Considering that no state in the United States had yet to legalize gay marriage, the 2003 video for Beautiful was ahead of the curve by including two men sharing a kiss and holding hands in public.

“I cannot be more thankful for the support over the years from the community,” Aguilera told gay glossy The Advocate. “Even when I felt I couldn't stand, they held me up and supported me. I think we can each relate to each other and I am forever indebted.”

Aguilera's 7th studio album, Lotus, was released on November 9. She described the track Army of Me as written for “people that are maybe misunderstood or don't fit into the norm, but deserve a voice.”