A Libyan militia has reportedly captured 12 gay men and threatened to execute them.

According to Gay Star News, the group claims the men were captured while attending a private party in Ain Zara, a suburb of Tripoli, on Thursday.

The men were described by their kidnappers as the “third sex” in a Facebook post.

Human Rights Watch Libya identified the group as the Al-Nawasi militia, an extremist Salafist group which has reportedly attacked more moderate forms of Islam.

“We never had any gay nightclubs in Libya, so it is not uncommon for Libyans – straight, bisexual and gay men to party in a private space, drink, dance, have fun and sometimes even have sex,” a Libyan LGBT activist known as Khaleed is quoted as saying by Gay Star News. “The fact that they were captured by this extreme Salafist militia is very worrying.”

Khaleed said that the Libyan militia groups have filled a void left by largely absent or powerless police.

The Al-Nawasi militia has also claimed that it is now part of the Libyan Ministry of Interior.