More than one-third of Tory MPs oppose British Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to legalize gay marriage.

Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader since 2007, reportedly have struck a deal to fast-track the marriage reform and will bring it before Parliament in the New Year. Previously, the government had said that the measure would be introduced before 2015.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, 118 Conservatives out of 303 have indicated their unease with voting for the reform.

“They are an eclectic bunch – including a former breakfast TV presenter, a former top City investment manager, a Liverpool football fan and a gay friend of Margaret Thatcher,” the paper wrote.

“Not only does David Cameron risk triggering what could easily lead to the biggest schism between a Prime Minister and his own parliamentary party in modern times, but if gay-marriage becomes law, he will have set up the biggest clash between the Church and State since the Reformation in the 16th century.”

The reform, however, remains on track for passage with the support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.