Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham reveals in his autobiography that he battled depression and an addiction to crystal meth after winning gold during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In Twists and Turns, the 24-year-old openly gay Mitcham talks about his addiction and how he overcame it.

Mitcham said during a Google+ hangout that he had previously suffered from depression, and that being an elite athlete gave him access to treatment.

“I was predisposed to depression before I was ever in the spotlight,” he said. “You know, I went 3 years of self-harm and binge drinking before I was even on the radar at all. As far as the chicken and the egg goes, I already had these problems before I was an athlete.”

But becoming an athlete, Mitcham said, contributed because “I had that athlete mentality that it was a weakness and that I didn't want to reach out and tell anybody about it.”

“Now, it's actually helped me a lot being an elite athlete I suppose because I had the resources to go to a rehab center and to see a psychologist twice a week since then. That's probably helped me. I needed to get my shit together really, if I wanted to keep diving.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)