Gay rights activist Tico Almeida, the founder and president of Freedom to Work, believes the election left no doubt that gay Americans are “wedge issues no more.”

Appearing on cabler Current's Viewpoint, Almeida told host Eliot Spitzer that Republicans' refusal to make political hay out of President Barack Obama's support for LGBT rights leaves little doubt that the issue has lost is political edge.

“This year's election was a real turning point for LGBT Americans and for our movement, for fairness and for justice under the law,” Almeida said. “And I think President Obama has proven once and for all that elected officials can take a strong stance in favor of LGBT fairness and not fear any real backlash from the voters. I'm not just talking about his marriage equality position, which is historic. Throughout the course of the first part of the Obama administration his agencies put through dozens and dozens of changes. Things like hospital visitations for gay couples, things like no discrimination in housing. Despite these wonderful advances, there was no backlash. Republicans didn't use this as a wedge issue. They didn't run ads on it, didn't bring it up at the debates. There was silence. And that means that we as gay Americans, we are wedges issues no more.”

Almeida added that he's confident that Obama will sign an executive order which would ban federal contractors from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The president refused to sign such an order in the spring. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)